Real estate for rent in Koh Samui in Thailand

Property to rent in Koh Samui - the primary task, to be solved any, who is going to come to the island without a tour. The work in this direction, sooner or later the question arises - Do real estate company on Samui and help, If "yes", then what will be the benefit of your precisely such an alliance?
Let's go in order. And So, joyful fact, that Samui has become more than just housing, namely quality and meeting the requirements of European tourists, attracted more tourists to the island, and together with them and want to earn easy money. Yearly, during high season, there are copies of famous sites of real firms, that under the guise of good name, take advance payment and disappear, as well as short-lived agents, that, without base and direct contracts with the owners, earn a premium to the real value.
Alert customers hang posts on the Internet about such pseudo-initiators to warn his countrymen of fraud. But there are still affected. Those errors, who fall for such dealers - the desire to save (scammers offer "more favorable" conditions) and misperception about, the company, which has long been on the market, learned to cheat and deceive necessarily. So, rental property in Koh Samui in recent years has become a "Russian roulette".
All of, What many do not know, how to build a business in Thailand. Да, many young firms and agents illegals already suffered Russian templates, and began to charge the customer a commission equal to the monthly cost for long-term delivery or fifty percent of the daily rates for short-term rent. So, season they try to hit the jackpot, because they do not plan to stay in Thailand for a long time.
Business owners, which for a long time to live and work legally Samui, apply more customer-oriented approach. Thanks to the official contract, they conclude directly with the owners, the customer pays the amount for rent, declared the property owner and only. As a result,, whether - you've found the villa in person or through a company-realtor, the price will be the same for you. The bottom line is, that the owner voluntarily shares its profits with the real estate company, which in a highly competitive real estate market, helps to find her client. Naturally, that individual, working illegally, no agency contracts is not, hence a single agent is forced to "cheat" on their own cost, what you have is known primarily.
Company Samui Lux Real Estate Co., LTD operates on the basis of agency contracts and does not require any commissions from clients. All additional fees, who makes himself the landlord, indicated in the table of prices in object. В случае, if the owner for any reason, modify (We're not just talking about the increase in the price, but also the appearance of discounts and promotions), something about it, you will be notified in advance - even at the stage of the application. As a result,, you are guaranteed to pay as much, how much is the villa in Koh Samui is actually, that is, its real price. This is the main benefit of your work together with us!
Another plus cooperation with Samui Lux - is the use of its extensive database. After all, where to start searching for housing, even those, who have already arrived on the island? Of course, with preview options on the Internet. Visit our site, you'll find you are interested in a villa in Koh Samui, using the filters or examine everything offers, provided that a majority of landlords paradise island. Taking care of visitors has developed a convenient card in the "single window": alongside photographs, on one level there are a brief description of the object, the initial cost and the application form - all, What you need, to make choices and to make an order, not flipping through the pages. A more detailed description and a complete table of prices, with which you are familiar to view photos and implementation of the order, also located in the "one window,", below. All this makes the acquaintance with a convenient object, understandable and clear, and saves your precious time on unnecessary transitions and scrolling.
Для того, to understand the benefit of having a base and our company, should present themselves on the island, sitting on a scooter in a helmet in the heat, where the navigator will not help, and in front of the mass of branches from the main road - so traditionally begin the search for independent housing on Samui. Wading deep and saw the sign coveted House for rent, have long vyzvanivat owners, explained to them in English, pronunciation is very different from Russian and be ready to answer «full. Booking all ready», that would mean about: This villa is booked on your dates. The following may be quite modest house with a price 2 580$ per day, and other delights, do a search bleak and exhausting. Agree, because instead, to get a tan "summer resident" (have to go under the open sun in shorts and t-shirt), better sunbathing on the beach under a palm tree with fruit in hand cervical, knowing, things that are already on the villa, you quickly and easily picked up with the help of agents Samui Lux , without leaving home.
Real estate for rent in Samui has many nuances. There need advice of professionals, working on the good name and reputation. Director of Samui Lux lives and works on the island for many years. Most of the villas, built literally on his eyes. He knows the specifics of each of the houses, well-versed in the areas and takes part in the selection of private property. Even if you have the choice of villas dazzled, but you have an accurate representation of the, what you want, then you can safely express their wishes in the address request from our site. Having carefully studied the needs, Director Samui Lux personally pick up and offer options, among which you choose is "your" house!
Summarizing, you can safely give an answer to the question posed at the beginning of the article - help real estate company real estate needs in Samui! The benefit for you personally from such a union colossal! It is only important to choose the "right" company, to protect themselves from the risks. We are proud to offer the services of a proven and reliable company Samui Lux. It is officially registered in Thailand, office with employees located in Samui and communication is conducted exclusively phone numbers of Thai telecom operators, which confirms the constant presence of the staff was in Thailand, and not somewhere in the world.
Do not risk it, where the risk is not justified. Let your holiday will be charged only with positive emotions!
Welcome to the paradise island of Koh Samui, with the assistance of Samui Lux Real Estate Co., LTD!